Acupuncture services

My acupuncture can synchronize you and your natural healing power.

① Body Mind Acupuncture

Body and mind are inseparable. Acupuncture only focusing on the body cannot achieve total relaxation. Our acupuncture heals you both inside and out through accessing your subconcious mind.

First visit (initial consultation) $185 (60 minutes)
Second visit and thereafter $120 (60 minutes)
Packages $1100 (10 visits)

② Anti-aging treatment by cosmetic acupuncture & facial cupping (including whole-body treatments)

Works on puffiness and wrinkles on the face, giving your face glow and firmness. Since I started cosmetic acupuncture, I stop wearing makeup. You can feel your skin  rejuvenating from deep within.  Needles and moxas are placed on the whole body.

1 session $250 (90 minutes)
Packages $2300 (10 visits)

*Including whole-body acupuncture, facial cupping and facial massage.

③ Addiction elimination (overeating, etc.) with ear acupuncture & detox acupuncture

By inserting 5 needles into the ear, various types of addictions are moderated. Ear acupuncture directly works on nerve cells in the brain. Other than unwanted eating habits, it is effective for insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic disorder.