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I hope you are feeling FABULOUS inside out!!

Have you ever wondered whether some of your favorite foods are really “SAFE” for you?

I recently learned that some of the foods I eat almost every day are actually harmful to ME!!! I wouldn’t have believed it if I did not have the results in front of me!

Please look at some part of my test results.

The yellow and red lines indicated where my body experienced mild, moderate, and strong reactions to certain foods! In my case, some of those foods included rice, cow’s milk, wheat, onions, soybeans, bell peppers, green beans, etc.

I already knew that my body reacted to cow’s milk, wheat products, and cantaloupe. Each time I ate them, I would feel very gassy and have an itchy throat.

But rice? Onions? Green Beans? Even bell pepper and cucumbers? Noooo way! Those are most foods in my fridge and pantry! So, what CAN I eat?

My children asked me; “What would happen if you eat these foods?”

I said, “Well… My body would react silently or loudly, which means that there’s inflammation somewhere in my body without being noticed.”

To be honest, I lied to them.

For a long time, I knew that my food was causing me to be very gassy. I had been ignoring it because I was just assuming that “I just overate.”

Let’s get back to my kids’ questions.

What if I keep ignoring my inner voice and my body’s message, by eating foods that may be harmful to me?

The lab test shows that inflammation is occurring from certain foods in my body.

It would develop chronic inflammation, which contributes to cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and generalized chronic pains.

I believed that rice is good for me. I believed natto, Miso, and soy sauce are better than mayo and ketchup because those foods my ancestors were eating, however, the results revealed the opposite!

Now what would I do?

Now I’d start by eliminating those foods for 3-6 months, then re-test.

If the reaction shows less, that means my body is healing and becoming less inflamed. Then, slowly and eventually I’ll introduce those foods and see how my body will react.

Inflammation may have occurred because I was in the habit of eating the same foods over and over again. Of course, there may be environmental factors that I should consider as well.

Another thing I should consider is genetics, for sure!

For example, cancer runs in my family. My father died from leukemia at the age of 65, and my mother had breast cancer at age 70. Now she gets better, but her side of the family died from various types of cancers.

What should I consider from this family history, as well as messages that my body has been screaming at me for years?

I shall listen to those messages and don’t ignore them until it’s too late.

I am lucky that I have not been diagnosed with any serious diseases or disorders, YET!

This is the time to be humble and listen to my body and do what makes my body feel happy!!!

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